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Make your game room,,es,it becomes a comfortable and comfortable place for your clients,,es, se convierta en un lugar cómodo y confortable para tus clientes.

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We manufacture custom tailored Cartelas Prize to give your customers all the possible fun.

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Our customized screens are perfect for creating a personalized environment for your local.

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Introducing the next generation of gaming machines designed to excite your customers.

Game Room Lamps

Decorative lamps for living rooms with LED lights led with remote control.

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Advertising Stands

Our brackets Jackpot let you create a support your local to communicate with your customers.

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Corners and manufacture custom personalized spaces for classrooms with sports betting.

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BIP TPV Security

Bip Tpv are a revolutionary self-checkout machines also carry a business management system.

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En Bitronic,,en,we carry,,es,years reinventing the sector of the Salones de Juego to contribute to our clients,,es,solutions that turn your business into a unique place,,es, llevamos 25 años reinventando el sector de los Salones de Juego para aportar a nuestros clientes, soluciones que conviertan su negocio en un lugar único.


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(+34) 968 100 140

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